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Our flagship application, myLanguage Translator, provides crowd-sourced translation support for 91 languages, with additional features like dialect pairing and transliteration in its Pro version.
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Translate in up to 91 Languages

Whether you want help learning a new language or need a quick translation, myLanguage Translator has you covered.
Text translation
Use the keyboard to translate words and phrases in up to 91 languages.
Listen to translations
Available for 30 languages in the Pro app.
Helps With Reading Non-Latin Translations (except Urdu) & can also assist with pronunciation in Pro app.
Translation History
Search through previous translations at any time, even offline! - With Translation History.
Language/Country "Dialect" Pairing
Making it possible to...
  • Explore • Travel the world beyond the hotel lobby

  • Learn • Practice any phrase from up to 91 languages

  • Connect • Start new relationship, no matter the language

  • Expand • Open new business opportunities

  • Prepare • Get the help you need in an emergency situation

  • "The most useful app I have – I live in southern California, and while I speak enough Spanish for normal day-to-interaction I’m getting old and cannot maintain my yard, one of the most relaxing things I do, or my home cleaning, one of the most onerous things I do. The old saying “it now takes me all day to do what I used to do all day” is so accurate. My gardener, born in Mexico and naturalized more than 30 years ago was super impressed with the free version’s text translations in both directions. The pro version adds the voice to text function, so face-to-face communication is so easy. A must have for international travelers."
  • "Diversity & Accuracy – This is the only app besides Google Translate that features Haitian Creole. Haitian Creole is the most widely spoken Creole in the world. It is spoken by 10.6 million people and Haitian migrants living in the U.S., Canada, France, and Caribbean countries. I am learning Haitian Creole as a minister to expose Haitian Creole speaking peoples to God’s Word in their own language. While Google Translate is a good translation tool, some idioms are not detected but this app picks up more of them."
  • "So easy to use!!!! – This has been a lifesaver in public. I have Vietnamese and Filipino neighbors now, here in SC, USA. I learned Spanish in high school and college but it was formal, instructors from several Latino countries. So my word usage can get me “the stare”. I use this in short phrases for instant communication. I hand my iPhone back and forth.

    My suggestion here is because at times I get a funny look. If I translate back into English I’ve discovered my word usage can really be OFF. I can change a couple words, translate back and forth and we both can understand each other. For a legal email in MX I thought I was doing so well until I got my unchecked letter back with ??? in places. Now I write a paragraph, short sentences, translate into Spanish then back into English to check. About 90% it’s perfect but occasionally I need to change a couple words.

    I’ve been using this app at least 7 years, I’ve tried others, this is the easiest and best even compared to expensive apps. My friends all have this app also. Thank you for this app."
    brudder buddy

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myLanguage Free

4.7 (12k+)
myLanguage Free is a comprehensive translation app offering 59 languages, advanced language/country "dialect" pairing, and offline available translation history. With 360-degree rotational support, you can use it in any orientation. Your translations can be sent via email and viewed in a zoom view for face-to-face communications.

Note: Requires a data connection for translations.


Translate in 59 Languages

myLanguage Pro

4.7 (650+)
myLanguage Pro is the ultimate translation companion, with 91 supported languages and 30 high-quality voice translations. Community-supported translations and transliteration help you accurately read and pronounce non-Latin translations. Additionally, the Pro version includes all the features of myLanguage Free. 

Note: Requires a data connection for translations and downloading of synthesized audio.


Translate in 91 Languages
Listen to translations in 30 Languages
Transliteration: Helps with reading non-Latin translations & can also assist with pronunciation
ex. 你好 = Nǐ hǎo
Community Supported Translations

Customizable Language Solutions

Whether it's consumer, enterprise, government, or emergency services, we can help build a custom language translation solution to meet your needs – supporting any language, dialect, and domain.
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