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Along with Nike Training Club, Wakeify, Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror, and Football Manager Handheld…


Vocre is a new translation app that enables you to have a conversation with someone who doesn’t speak the same language. With a ‘table top’ interface for easy use by two people at once, the app features speech recognition from Nuance so you can simply say what you like and have it translated – into speech and text – for your foreign friend to understand. The languages it can translate are vast – from Mandarin to Czech – so you shouldn’t ever be stuck for conversation.

US$2.99 Google Play

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TechCrunch – Disrupt Alum Vocre Finally Brings Its Voice Translation App To Android

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If there was ever an issue that the folks behind the (Disrupt audience choice winning) mobile translation app Vocre needed to address, it’s that Vocre has only ever been available for iOS users. Fortunately for you Android-using non-polyglots out there, that’s all changed — Vocre has just pushed its voice translation app into the Google Play store.

Getting started with the app is a very straightforward affair — Vocre for Android supports a total of 35 languages and dialects, and after selecting the two languages the users wish to converse in, the first would-be chatter hits a button and says something (“Hello!”). At that point, Vocre pings Nuance to convert that into a text string, translates the utterances into the target language and reads it aloud (“Konnichiwa!“).

I’ve spent a few hours playing with the Android version, and I’m pleased to report … Read More »

Cult of Mac – Vocre Opens Up A World Of Languages For Free [Review]

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There’s so much that’s impressive about the technology we all carry in our pockets that it’s easy to take it for granted. But one of the things that constantly amazes me when I see it in action is instant language translation.

Vocre (pronounced voh-creee) is a translation app that’s not new on the App Store, but has one important new feature: it’s free.

As of a few days ago, Vocre costs nothing and supports an impressive 23 global languages. And just this week, a private beta has begun offering live translated video calls.

In use, it is an excellent piece of work that could help you out of all kinds of sticky and weird situations while travelling. Assuming you have a good data connection, of course.

Vocre has two operational modes. Each … Read More »

Engadget – Vocre 2.0 for iOS brings live translation to video calls

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Let’s say you’ve just landed on home soil and happened to meet a charming partner during your stay abroad — yet your unrequited love is separated by a nasty language barrier. Sure, it didn’t seem to matter in the moment, but now that you’ve moved onto — you know — communication, you could use a bit of an assist. Thankfully, the folks at MyLanguage seem to have a worthwhile solution with the new Vocre 2.0 app for iOS. The software allows two individuals to engage in video chats in their native tongues, and the app removes the language barrier by providing translations (both text and spoken) on-the-fly. While Vocre 2.0 is currently in private beta, it’ll debut as a free, ad-supported application. Further, users may take advantage of paid, premium services that include on-demand human translation. You can … Read More »

Vocre Unveils Live Translated Video Calling Tool; Debuts Private Beta at LAUNCH Festival

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Ambitious start-up takes language services market to next level with Vocre 2.0

At the 5th annual LAUNCH festival today, Vocre debuted the next revolutionary step in its race to automate and innovate the $30b language translation market. Vocre 2.0 takes a gigantic leap into the future, enabling users who speak different languages to communicate with one another using an unprecedented live translation video calling solution.

The disruptive start-up garnered the attention of tech tastemakers Michael Arrington (@arrington) and Robert Scoble (@scobleizer) last fall with its first iOS version, which enables anyone to communicate with others who speak a different language. The young company received “Best Mobile App” and “Audience Choice” awards upon their launch on stage at the TechCrunch Disrupt SF Battlefield.

Today, the company announced that it has opened a private beta for Vocre 2.0. To sign up, go to … Read More »

TechCrunch – Disrupt Alum Vocre Makes Its Voice-Translation App Free

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Vocre was one of the more popular battlefield companies at Disrupt SF 2011; the automagical quality of the app and their excellent on-stage presentation made them one of the frontrunners. They haven’t been idle since then, though, and they’ve taken the advice of some critics who suggested their pay-per-use model was going to turn off users.

They’re releasing a new version of the app today with a few significant improvements, most notably that the app is now free.

The announcement described it as “freemium,” but TechCrunch confirmed with Vocre that it is indeed “free as in beer” and should be from now on for consumers. They are planning an enterprise solution down the road that will have tiered pricing — could be useful for cross-country conference calls, and it will probably be cheaper than a full-time translator.

They also now support 23 languages, … Read More »

Vocre Expands Globally; Adopts Freemium Business Model

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Further disrupts $30B language services market by supporting 23 languages from 22 Countries with version 1.1

Vocre [voh-krey], the instant language translation app that launched last fall at the highly-competitive TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield event, winning “Best Mobile App” and “Audience Choice Award,” has released its first major update for all iOS mobile devices. No longer relegated to just the U.S. App store, version 1.1 now supports 23 languages from 22 countries making the app accessible on a global scale.

Vocre has quickly established itself as the premium translation company for the 21st Century. Competitors like Rosetta Stone are increasingly fading into irrelevance, being outpaced by the innovation, accuracy, and automation afforded by Vocre.

Globetrotters, or just those learning a new language, no longer need to settle for ‘good enough’ with Google’s inferior translation app now that everyone has access to the … Read More » – Lost in translation? Not with these apps

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I still cringe at that wasted day in Paris when my fractured French had me instructing my husband to ask shopkeepers for directions to the Bridge Museum (Le musée du Pont) instead of our real destination, the Museum of Bread (Musée du pain).

If only I’d been toting a smartphone or tablet loaded with one of these real-time translation apps instead of an outdated English-only guidebook.

Rob Grabarek, a spatial analyst from Seattle who just returned from Vietnam, is among the many travelers who swear by Google Translate. “I have a widget on my Android homescreen and the app on my iPod Touch,” said Grabacek. The free app handles text in 63 languages, voice input in 17 languages and text-to-speech in 24 languages.

Suzanne Rowan Kelleher, editor-in-chief at We Just Got Back, is intrigued by Word Lens. “You aim your camera at something, … Read More »

Reuters – App helps travellers speak in foreign languages

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(Reuters) – Communicating with local people in a foreign country can pose difficulties, whether it is asking for direction or making a special request at a restaurant.

But Vocre, a new iPhone app released by translation company myLanguage, aims to ease those problems by enabling users to translate their spoken voice into foreign languages.

It leverages crowd-sourcing to continually improve the accuracy of its translations to allow people to express themselves in the same way as native speakers.

“It’s like asking your friend down the street, ‘How would I say this in Spanish?” said Andrew Lauder, founder and CEO of myLanguage.

“It might not be something that’s expected by a dictionary — but it is the right way to say it when you go to that specific part of the world. It has the colloquialisms or slang of the area.”

The app uses the iPhones … Read More »

Lifehacker – Vocre Turns Your iPhone Into a Near-Instant Universal Speech Translator

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Vocre is a pretty incredible new app for your iPhone that lets you speak in one language and hear what you said translated into another. It’s like a having a babel fish in your phone.

The idea is very simple—you select your gender and the gender of the person you’re speaking with, along with your native language and theirs. Then your turn your iPhone upside down, say what you want to say, and Vocre will recognize it almost instantly. If the text looks right to you, just flip the phone on its side and it will actually speak what you said to the person you’re talking to in their language. For example, if I spoke something in English the app could then repeat it in Spanish, French, Chinese, and more. While the translations aren’t instant and you do have to flip … Read More »